The Slams

Straight after Detroit 9000 I let YouTube play whatever was next in the related videos list, which turned out to be this 1973 film starring Jim Brown (ex. football player turned actor in films such as The Running Man, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, The Dirty Dozen).

Basically the whole film was about a $1.5 million heist that goes wrong, sending Jim off to prison. While in prison the mob, the feds, and even the prison warden is trying to get Jim to tell them where he hid the money before being arrested. He then decides he needs to bust out of prison so he can spend all of that lovely cash.

There are a few familiar faces in this, including two actors from Detroit 9000, and Ted Cassidy who played Lurch in The Addams Family and was the voice of The Hulk… he is a big guy! He died in 1979 aged 46.

The blood in this film was either bright red poster paint, or what seems to have been tomato sauce (for the bloody lips).

This was produced by Gene Corman, brother of Roger Corman.

Not essential viewing at all, but I found it to be quite watchable.

Date watched: October 25th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 165


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