Detroit 9000

I came across this 1973 blaxploitation film on YouTube, and as it turn’s out this is a cult film that Quentin Tarantino helped get re-released theatrically in 1998.

Typically for blaxploitation films this was cheaply made (by today’s standards at least), with only average acting on the whole. But, it was entertaining, and looked at racism in the police force and politics.

It was surprisingly violent and even a little gruesome at times, although the liberal use of bright red poster paint as blood was comical.

The final shootout scenes between the Detroit Police and a gang of well-armed thugs was very entertaining, with a chase ensuing between the escaping thugs on foot and the cops also on foot, on horses, motorbikes, and in cars. Plenty of cops got plugged on the way, and there was lots of poster paint everywhere.

And the final scene involving a cop (played by Alex Rocco, he died last year)and the spoils of a jewelery heist was a surprise, and ended with more questions than answers. I can see why Quentin likes this so much.

“9000” refers to the police radio call meaning “officer down”.

Good stuff.

Date watched: October 24th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2016: 164


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