Looks and Smiles

After watching this I researched it on the internet and found that there is surprisingly little about this film on the interwebs. Rotten Tomatoes has only two audience reviews, and the Wikipedia page is very brief. There is a good review for it here though.

This is a fantastic film, mostly because of the actors were all in their first film (and for the majority of them, including the two leads, the only film they ever made). Their acting was so real and natural that it felt more like a documentary. There were melodramatic scenes in the film, but the acting had no melodrama, just the natural reactions you would expect from us normal people, not Tom Cruises or Nicholas Cages.

It was filmed in black and white, although greys and whites is more appropriate, it looked good and suited the story. I occasionally had trouble understanding the thick Northern England accent or slang.

The story is simple and has no agenda, it just follows three young people trying to survive in Thatcher’s era (early 1980’s, seemed like a very grim time).

Excellent, excellent stuff.

Date watched: October 22nd
Score: 10/10
Film count 2016: 163


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