Girl With The Green Eyes

The most unfortunate thing about this 1964 film is the fact that it was filmed in black and white which kind of ruined the title of the film.

But, apart from that minor gripe, this was a good film about a romance between a young working class Dublin woman and an older British chap who was a writer, and somewhat sophisticated.

As the writer was going through a divorce at the time, and he was older than her, it caused quite a ruckus with the family of the girl because of their strict church beliefs. One scene in particular showed just how fanatical they were about their beliefs when the writer was beaten up by family members of the green eyed girl.

The Irish accent was hard to follow at times (the two main actresses were actually British, but they put on a fine accent). The scenes taken in Dublin were interesting. It looked like a happening place, yet at the same time bleak. Again, it is a pity it was not in colour.

The chap that played the writer looked very familiar to me throughout the film, but I couldn’t place him. It turns out he played Howard Beale in Network (he died a few months after finishing that film). Lynn Redgrave (of the Redgrave clan) played the young woman’s overly chatty friend, and she was great.

The green eyed girl was played by Rita Tushingham, and looking her up on the internet I could not find her true eye colour. She does have striking eyes, but in some photos they appear green, yet in others come out as brown or blue (very fake looking though). She was most excellent in this.

Recommended watching all round.

Date watched: October 19th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 159


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