The Martian

I have been looking forward to this one, as I like a good sci-fi, and Matt Damon is usually good.

There is no mucking about in this, it starts with a few minutes of jovial banter to let the audience know the astronauts are all good buddies, then gets into the nub of the story pretty quickly. From then on it is all pretty standard storytelling, but does so in an entertaining and well-paced way.

Matt did a good job as usual, he never does any wrong. Good ol’ Matt. The rest of the cast though were just a tad too TV drama for me. As much as I like Jeff Daniels, I think The Clooney would have been better in his part, and Steve Buscemi (have you seen his filmography? It is impressive!) should have been in there somewhere as we have not seen him for a while. But still, everyone was fine really.

The dust storm at the beginning of the film was implausible as Mars’ atmosphere is very thin, and there were a few other anomalies, but facts should never get in the way of a multi-million dollar budget should they?

So it was pretty much what I expected, maybe 1 point disappointing (the storytelling was too standard, Ridley can do better), but it was not boring, and it had poop jokes.

Date watched: October 9th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 155

This film is called “Odyssey” in Japan. It always perplexes me as to why the distributors here change the name of an American film from one English name to another different English name.


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