After the last few disappointing films I thought I would watch something that was hopefully better, so I chose this Stephen King film, which I realised soon after I started watching it was a made-for-TV flick… not a good start.

Unfortunately, like many Stephen King films, it just didn’t work, and was over-long and Stephen King must have written the book when he was in a church or something as it was overly religious. The story was about a Chinese demon that was unleashed after it’s tomb was uncovered in a mine, and the subsequent mayhem caused by possessions and the animals that do the demon’s bidding. And of course there was a band of heroes that saved the day along with a boy’s faith.

The acting was OK by TV standards, but Ron Perlman was great as an unhinged cop (actually, he was possessed). But, it was just too long, and if it dropped the bible and added in Bruce Campbell and more boomsticks it could have been something watchable.

I really have to watch something stellar to make up for all of the duds recently.

Date watched: October 6th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2016: 151


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