Fit for a King

After watching Earthworm Tractors back in August, I bookmarked this 1937 Joe E. Brown film and watched it last night.

Joe E. Brown plays a happy-go-lucky (I would say he is like that in every film) aspiring news reporter who is following a story involving the attempted assassination of an archduke of some un-named country. The story is set in France, where most people seem to speak American English very well. He of course gets involved in the case by falling in love with an American woman who is also going to become the queen of the un-named country, but a plot by the government’s opposition party was going to have her killed also.

Like Earthworm Tractors it is full of gags and corny jokes, as well as Joe E. Brown’s very large grin that he probably had insured. Most of it was mildly funny, but there were a couple of scenes that were very funny and inventive, both without dialogue.

This is not essential watching at all, but at only 72 minutes long it is a mildly entertaining filler.

Date watched: September 30th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2016: 149


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