Werewolves on Wheels

I was looking through a website about films recommended by a fave band of mine called Electric Wizard. One mentioned was this 1971 film, so I watched it last night.

It seems Electric Wizard don’t have good taste in films as this was pretty dull and poorly made. The story was basic, and the film-makers just seemed to make it up as they went along. They used actual bikers, and for a lot of the film just showed them cavorting around being bad-boy bikers, getting drunk, hugging each other a lot, and noodling about on their hogs.

The actual Werewolf part of the film took ages to materialise, and even then it was a bit lame, and only two bikers turned into Werewolves. For some reason the Werewolves bit necks and left vampire-like holes in the skin. Here is one of them…


While we did get to see one of the Werewolves on wheels, it was only for a few seconds although his fiery death was pretty good. It would have been better if the whole gang were Werewolves and riding around on their hogs, terrorising motorists and riding through town causing mayhem, but alas not.

I am sure bikers would enjoy this, but if you are not one then watch Easy Rider then listen to Werewolves of London, and consider the Werewolf-biker film genre watched.

Date watched: September 29th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2016: 148


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