Enemy Territory

I chanced apon this on YouTube, and for no particular reason decided to give it a go.

It is about an insurance salesman who has to go to a gang-infested building that even the police would not ordinarily go near, to get a signature from an old lady for an insurance policy. Things turn to crap for him when he gets angry at a young thug who gets really pissed when the salesman touches him on the shoulder. At the same time Ray Parker Jr. who is a telephone technician is in the building, and as well as singing Ghostbusters songs, was also a Vietnam vet so he knows how to extract people from combat situations which is awful handy. So he hooks up with insurance guy and they spend the rest of the film escaping from “The Vampires” who are the resident gang of the building, led by the evil “The Count” (played by Tony Todd).

All routine 80’s stuff, nothing great at all, but it had a few moments. The highlight of the film was another Vietnam vet confined to a wheelchair who had turned his apartment into a fortress, and stocked with all manner of weapons. His wheelchair also fired knives!

Die Hard came along a year later and did the escape-from-a-building thing a lot better, plus it had The Bruce so there you go.

Date watched: September 28th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2016: 147


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