Mayor of The Sunset Strip

After watching Punk in London I saw this documentary in the “Up next” column on YouTube and thought it looked like a worthwhile watch.

I had never heard of Rodney Bingenheimer before, and it seemed as if I should have as this guy has rubbed elbows with pretty much every major rock musician, as well as a few Hollywood actors. His story is a weird one though. Basically, he was a kind of groupie to start with, was taken in by Sonny & Cher who thought he was a cute little fella, acted as a double for Davy Jones (with whom he shares the same style haircut) of The Monkees, and opened his own club called “The English Disco”.

He went on to become an American John Peel, being the first DJ to play songs from new (then) bands like Blondie, Duran Duran, or Nena with 99 Luftballons becoming a worldwide hit purely because he first played it on his show.

Rodney is an interesting chap because he is a meek and quiet fellow, not a Howard Stern at all. He also is not filthy rich, or even rich, which is surprising.

The story of a chap named Ronald Vaughan is also told in the documentary. He became a friend of Rodney’s, and is an aspiring musician that Rodney promotes on his radio show. He will never make the big time (the video below shows him on Jimmy Kimmel though, which is big time I guess), but like Rodney he is doing what he loves.

This is worth a watch for many reasons, and shows that the L.A. music scene is not all ego and vanity, well at least a small part of it anyway.

Date watched: September 20th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 144


The audience are terrible in this, and the Jimmy Kimmel interview with him was just as bad.

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