Wendy O. Williams And The Plasmatics: 10 Years Of Revolution

The Plasmatics were a band I was aware of in the day, but their music didn’t interest me much. But, I was interested in this documentary, it is good to learn about all kinds of music and bands, especially the influential ones, which the Plasmatics and especially Wendy O. Williams turned out to be.

Unfortunately though this was not particularly well made, it had a straight-to-video feel about it. There was text being flashed on the screen at times, which was difficult to read as the narrator was droning away at the same time so concentrating on both was a task.

There were some good interviews with the band members, crew, and guys from Kerrang! magazine that were close to the band. There was a lot of footage of live gigs as well as news reports and stuff, so that was good.

The Plasmatics were pretty extreme in their day, and made the Sex Pistols, Ramones, and even Motorhead look a bit tame really.

Wendy was quite the performer and was really hardcore in everything she did, and quite intelligent. While still not a big fan of their music, I came away from this with mucho respecto for what she did. Unfortunately she committed suicide after her career ended.

So I would recommend this to those who like a bit of music history, even if you are not a fan of the band or punk/metal.

Date watched: September 12th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 142


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