Bad Brains: Banned in D.C.

Being a Bad Brains fan I had to watch this documentary about the band.

This covers the beginnings of the band, has interviews with people such as Henry Rollins (a close friend of the band), Ian MacCaye, Anthony Kiedis, Dave Grohl, Rick Ocasek, and The Beastie Boys amongst others, and there is a lot of great footage of the band.

There is an interview with the guy that was responsible for making the recordings used for the ROIR cassette which was interesting.

I had no idea though that H.R. became a bit of a nutjob as the years went on. The band split up and reformed several times over the years, and it seems it was all because of H.R.’s erratic behaviour. There was footage of one gig where he stood in front of the microphone and did not sing at all, he just had a big grin on his face. There were interviews with him where you had no idea what he was talking about. The other guys though seemed fine and despite H.R.’s weirdness they have stuck with it over the years.

What is clear though is that they are all very talented musicians, but they didn’t seem to make much money from it. Dr. Know works at an Organic Produce shop when he is not touring with the band, and he really knows his veges.

There was a lot of great artwork throughout the film depicting various situations, it was very well done as you can see in the poster below.

Recommended viewing for fans of the Bad Brains.

Date watched: September 9th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2016: 141


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