Mystics In Bali

I came across a list of weird-ass horror films a while ago including this Indonesian one, so I have been checking some of them out.

And it was weird, but on the whole it was a tad boring. Basically, it was about an American who was in Indonesia to study the occult for her thesis, and along with an Indonesian boyfriend, she set about getting in contact with an Indonesian demon to learn the ways of demons.

She finds a powerful one who likes to cackle a lot, and quickly learns how to demonise, and how to change into any creature she wishes to. The demon though uses her to become more powerful, and this is where the weirdness comes in.

To get fresh blood (the demon is a kind of vampire) she casts some kind of spell on the student causing her head, spine, lungs, intestines, liver, and probably her spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, and kidneys to all rise up out through the neck hole and fly off to kill people and drink their blood. The head and guts then fly back to the body, reattaches, and all is good until the next attack.

So apart from a flying killer head there was not much going for this. The acting was as bad as you would expect, along with the special effects and dialogue. The dubbing was pretty bad too, although I consider that a plus as dubbing is funny. The sound effects were sparse and cheaply done.

If you want to see a weird horror then you can’t do much better than Hausu, so watch that instead.

Date watched: September 8th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2016: 140


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