Myriads of Music

The CDs-to-be-blogged-about-before-going-into-the-collection pile to my right has been piling up a little over the last few weeks, here is what they are, in no particular order:

Placebo, Battle for the Sun – I like Placebo a whole lot.
Superchunk, Majesty Shredding – I like Superchunk a whole lot too.
Asian Dub Foundation, Tank – Average album for them.
Devo, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! – It is Devo.
Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Band Geek Mafia – All of their albums sound the same, no diff here. But, that is good.
The Kinks, Are The Village Green Preservation Society – The album title sums it all up really. Brillo.
John Coltrane Quartet, Ballads – Normally I would not buy anything named “Ballads”, but John Coltrane is an exception. Unlistened to at this point.
Meat Puppets, Too High To Die – Listening to this as I peck on the keyboard, awfully good. They easily make my top fave 100 bands, but push out Boney M unfortunately.

Album count 2016 – 117


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