Feature films with sound can’t get much older than this 1931 Fritz Lang release, or much better.

Right from the start this was compelling stuff, building up tension quickly and telling a pretty grim story (the violence was left to the audiences imagination). The photography was very inventive at times with interesting angles and some good panning or zooming shots.

Peter Lorre played the part of the villain, and he was pretty intense, although most of the actors in this were equally intense, but they didn’t have Peter Lorre’s intense-o-eyes. Reading on Wikipedia about this I found that Fritz used real criminals as extras with 25 of them being arrested after the film was finished.

The version I watched was almost two hours long, although shorter versions were released. It went by pretty quickly though, as all great films do. The subtitles, however, were a challenge to keep up with sometimes.

It was interesting to think that this was made in the early days of the Nazi party, and that both Peter and Fritz would flee Germany two years later when the Nazi party came into power.

Highly recommended viewing.

Date watched: August 28th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2106: 138

Poster - M_02

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