Fun with Dick and Jane

I watched this thinking I had seen it maybe a year or so ago, but as it turns out I watched it in February this year. Dang!

In my February review I said it was quite forgettable, and a bit disjointed in story. However, I now think I was a bit harsh on it, as I enjoyed it this time around, perhaps the cold winter weather at the time did not put me in a good film watching frame of mind.

There were some funny moments in this, mostly from Jim Carrey of course, but the rest of the cast had some good scenes too, especially Téa Leoni and Alec Baldwin. The story was nothing special, but in a Jim Carrey comedy that does not matter much at all.

I’ll have to watch the new Dumb & Dumber film, the first was one of Jim’s funnier films so I am interested to see how this one stacks up.

Date watched: August 19th
Score: 7/10 (6 last time)
Film count 2016: 134



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