Left Behind

I got this out on DVD having no idea what this was about except that it had Nicholas Cage, and it seemed to be a plane-based disaster flick. Even though I am very wary of anything starring Nicko these days I thought I would give it a go. Somewhat of a mistake it turns out.

For the first twenty minutes or so it was playing out as a plane disaster flick, all of the elements were there: in pre-flight checks something was not right with the electronics, but Nicko ignored it saying “the software is out of date and needs to be updated, haha!”; the back story involving his daughter and wife whose bible bashing recently has been causing tensions in the family; and the first class passengers that included a midget with an attitude, a Lady Gaga lookalike, a conspiracy theorist, and a Muslim chap amongst others.

But, things quickly took a dramatic turn, and the film’s ulterior motive became crystal clear. It started with all of the children and some of the adults on the flight just vanishing, leaving behind only their clothes. This also happened everywhere else on the planet. Chaos ensued. At this point I paused and looked the film up online, and yep, I found that this is a Christian apocalyptic thriller.

People in the film started surmising that god was taking innocent people, and leaving midgets, liars (Nicko lied about not having an affair), Lady Gaga impersonators, Muslims, conspiracy theorists, and random other sinners behind.

The story then just focussed on getting the plane back on the ground, and ended with the passengers and crew looking at burning New York.The final lines were something like this:

Nicko: “Well, I guess this is the end.”
Nicko’s daughter: “Nope. This is only the beginning.”


Nicko must still be really desperate, poor guy.

This was bad, bad, bad stuff. Avoid. If you see it on the shelf at your DVD rental place give it a wide berth.

Date watched: August 16th
Score: 0/10
Nicholas Cage redeemed-o-meter: possibly no hope
Film count 2016: 131


One thought on “Left Behind

  1. Dan O. August 18, 2016 / 4:10 pm

    It’s pretty awful. But pretty funny, too. Just by in how ridiculous it is. Nice review.


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