Kiss Of The Vampire

I felt like another Hammer Horror film last night, so I watched this 1963 vampire flick.

For the first hour or so this was a bit slow, the build-up to the thrilling finale was a bit drawn out, not boring per se, but it could have had a few more Hammer Horror thrills thrown in. The acting was fine though, however the lack of a Cushing or Lee was a tad disappointing. On YouTube this looked great, all Hammer Horror films do, great colour, snappy photography, and the sets were impressive.

The ending also featured a way of killing vampires that I have not seen before. Spoiler alert: Don’t read the rest of this paragraph if you are interested in checking out this film. Well, you see, a vampire killer dude did this incantation which summoned a whole mess of bats to the vampires castle, and they killed the vampires by biting them to death (the bats though were poorly done, bobbing around on the end of a string). Quite ironic! I thought that was a fab idea.

I wouldn’t say this is essential Hammer Horror fare, but it is still worth watching.

Date watched: August 10th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2016: 127


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