Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection

I felt like subjecting myself to more Black Cobra, so I watched this last night.

And it is more of the same. Basically what they did was pick out all of the best bits from the first two films then made this one, including setting the film in The Philippines again. It also has plenty of boxes, Freddo seems to like boxes to…

throw bad guys through…

do ninja-style jumps from…

and hide behind for their excellent cover.

Twice in the film we heard this song being played in the background. It must have been a hit song at the time.

There were several scenes in the film like this one which were drawn out and mundane. I guess the actors were tired in the The Philippines heat, so they decided to just walk around and do easy stuff.

To make up for the mundane bits they ended the film with a big explosion…


All three Black Cobra films are all bad good, it is hard to pick a favourite. There is a Black Cobra 4, but I can’t find it on YouTube. I did find this though, it seems to be a Bollywood clone…

And I have just read that a new film is on the way “The Black Cobra Returns”, due out next year. Here is the plot from IMDB:

“Retired Chicago Detective Robert Malone is asked by the city to come out of retirement and assist on a new case of murders and rapes with the same M.O. as the notorious motorcycle gang he shut down years ago.”.

Freddo is of course going to reprise his role. He is 78 now, but age means nothing to Freddo. I am looking forward to that, it will probably be the blockbuster highlight of 2017.

Date watched: August 11th
Good bad score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 128


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