Island of Doomed Men

This 1940 film had been on my “Watch later” list on YouTube for quite some time, probably because I wanted to see another film with the fab Peter Lorre (he was in Black Angel which I wistfully watched way back in March).

The story was quite simple and did not require any brain cells to follow, but who needs a great story when you have Peter Lorre? He was quite the mesmerising actor, and he didn’t really seem to be acting. He just talked the way he talked, walked slothfully and stylishly, and worked his eyelids all to great effect. He is definitely on my list of all time great actors.

There is not much more to say really. Just watch this for Peter Lorre, you will not be disappointed.

Date watched: August 5th
Score: 7.5/10
Peter Lorre score: 10/10
Film count 2016: 125


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