The Black Cobra 2

The first Black Cobra film was bad, just plain bad, and this one was a step up. The first one had some bizarro acting which made it slightly entertaining, but it seems in this one they tried to act a bit, which actually ruined it.

You could tell they were waiting on their spots just as the director yelled “And…action!” because there was a slight delay before they started doing their thing in some shots. Sometimes they would do something like stand there and look up an elevator shaft, or just stare at their wrist watch, then wait for the director to yell “And… cut! Bravo!”. So in a way that was entertaining, but I would have preferred the bizarro acting.

Basically this was about Freddo (playing Bob Malone) getting kicked out of Chicago for a while because he is a loose cannon. He is sent off to Manila to work with Interpol (or Interpool as his Chicago boss called it). There he hooks up with non other than Nicholas Hammond…


… to bust up some crime ring or something, not sure really as I wasn’t paying attention to the story bits.

Some of the actions scenes were a bit funny, especially the diving into a stack of empty cardboard boxes to avoid gun-fire trick, or the tuck-and-roll-then-shoot move.

There was one surprising thing though. Freddo’s mission was to save a girl that he had wooed earlier on in the film, she had been kidnapped by a bunch of thugs. They took her into a warehouse while a gun battle ensued outside between the thugs and Freddo and Spidey. After they dispensed of them one by one, Freddo went inside to find her dead inside a crate, shot in the forehead. Freddo was cut up about that.

There was copious amounts of 80’s film music in this, and for added effect they used plenty of cowbell. As the story got more intense the synthesizers made way for heavy metal guitar riffs. Here is a scene that combines cowbell, metal riffs, and unloading an entire pistol chamber ruthlessly on the criminal that deserved it.

Here is the obligatory locking and loading scene.

Why did they dub over this kid? Continue watching that scene for the double goodbye wave.

And of course the film had to end with a joke, and here it is.

Avoid at all costs. I will be watching the third and fourth film in the series however, I might as well finish the whole series, perhaps it gets even worse.

Date watched: July 23rd
Score: 1/10 (for cowbell, heavy metal riff, as well as the cardboard box stunts)
Film count 2016: 120


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