The Monkey Hu$tle

Even though I have a few more modern day films to watch I returned to my YouTube “Watch Later” list and watched this 1976 blaxpolitation flick.

The synopsis on IMDB is: “A new highway threatens a Chicago neighbourhood, so to protest the residents throw a block party.”, which is partly true if only for about one-eighth of the film. The rest of it is about various characters hustling each other including a corrupt cop, and there is also a sub-plot about an aspiring drummer who has to resort to hustling to survive while he waits for his big drumming chance.

I gave up on trying to figure out what was going on about a third of the way in, and just waited for it to end. It was not all that funny, but did have some half-decent acting. Yaphet Kotto (Alien) was in this along with a few other familiar faces.

Not really worth watching.

Date watched: July 22nd
Score: 4/10
Film count 2016: 119


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