Bending the Rules

I found this 2013 film on YouTube and for no particular reason decided to watch it.

It is a comedy/police action flick about a rad police detective who dresses casually and does not have much respect for the letter of the law, but does enjoy  getting the bad guys. And his buddy in this film is a district attorney who is trying to put the detective in jail for corruption (the good kind). All original stuff obviously.

The detective was played by an ex-WWE (world wrestling entertainment) wrestler named “Edge”, a rather big Canadian guy who can actually do comedy cop films reasonably well. Jamie Kennedy (you will have seen him here and there) played the attorney. This film was made by WWE Studios that have made many films featuring wrestlers, with the only one I have heard of being The Scorpion King (The Rock).

Very standard buddy film stuff with few funny jokes, although the story did require some following as the plot was a tad complicated. It definitely needed things blowing up (nothing blew up at all), better car chases, maybe a street gun battle or two, a rocket launcher, a few one-liners, and a reference to Scarface somewhere. But it had none of those at all. It did do a Beverly Hill’s Cop by trying to be funny for most of the film, then towards the end got all serious as the bad guys needed dealing with, then lightened up for the ending.

I found it kind of entertaining actually, mostly because of “Edge” who was just so impressively large, and kind of likeable. You wouldn’t really have known he was a wrestler in this, he did not flex his muscles at all,  and did not tear off his shirt.

There is very little information on the internet about this film, even the Wikipedia entry is rather short.

Not a waste of time to watch, but there are better buddy films out there.

Date watched: July 21st
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2016: 118


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