Recently I have had a hankering to watch a film made in this century, so I went to my favourite DVD rental place and using their “Five DVDs for 1000 yen” deal I chose five modern films.

The first one I wanted to watch was Spectre because I am a mild James Bond fan, and I am especially a Daniel Craig as Bond fan, I think he is one of the best.

All in all this was what you would expect from a Bond film; it’s got the action, the things blowing up, the humour, the sassy ladies, the cat-stroking villain (although not as much cat stroking as I expected), and the nice sports cars.

Christophe Waltz was great as Blofeld. This is only the second film I have seen him in, but already I would easily add him to my top twenty best actors list.

I found this a tad long, two and a half hours is an eternity compared to the much less than 90 minute (but still story-packed) pre-21st century films I have been enjoying recently. Still, you are getting your money’s worth.

Next up on my modern-movie-athon is Monument Men which I chose purely because it has the Clooney. Which reminds me, in Django the main bad guy was a pre-Clooney clone, it was almost uncanny.

Date watched: July 15th to 16th (I started watching it at 10pm)
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2016: 115

The Clooneys… (actually the guy in Django was older in the film, but in this photo the Cloony-ness is even more striking).


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