Kill Bill’s

I first saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 way back when it was first released, I think it was the first film I saw in London actually. I remember being not that impressed (was bored of Taranitinoish movies by this point, even his own films!) so never got around to watching Vol. 2.

But I must say, I had a rollicking good time watching these, Vol. 1 is better than Vol. 2 (I was a bit over it all after a few hours of watching), but they are good fun. They are just lovingly made homages to old kung-fu films and TV shows. Tarantino has recently said he might make Volume 3, he’s just waiting for the actors to age a bit more.

Date watched: 11th June
Bill 1: Score: 8.5/10
Bill 2: Score: 7/10
Movie count: 26

Best scene:

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