The Incredible Petrified World

The title of this 1957 film is quite misleading. It is not incredible in any way, I didn’t see anything petrified, and it wasn’t a world really, just a bunch of very deep underwater caves.

Basically this is about brilliant scientist/engineer John Carradine’s attempt at a deep water dive with his new high-tech diving bell. For reasons unknown he cannot go down, so he sends four people to go including his daughter. The cable snaps when they get 540m underwater, and the diving bell lands intact. John Carradine waits a few hours in the hope they will somehow get to the surface, but after a few hours gives up and goes home!

“Well, it has been a few hours! Time to give up eh?”. “Yeah, a darn shame. Let’s go”.

Meahwhile, the peeps get into their diving suits and find an underwater cave (how they survived the extreme pressures is a miracle). The cave is well lit because of phosphorus in the rock according to the men. In the cave was a Robinson Crusoe-type with a big shaggy beard, he had arrived there 14 years previously after his ship sank, or something. He had a bit of space madness. He survived by eating fish, and there was a fresh water supply in the cave.


So he tells them there is no way out, they are doomed. At one point while the other three are off somewhere, he approaches one of the women and suggests they kill the others and live down there alone. She goes nutters and he attempts to kill her, but she is saved by a nearby volcano which decides to erupt and cause an earthquake. He dies in a rockfall.

“Fricken’ rocks! Ouch!”

John Carradine had decided to have another crack at diving down with an improved diving bell, so gets another one sorted out. He decides to go diving in the same area because that part of the Caribbean is awfully nice. While his crew is diving they happen to find two of the members in their diving suits swimming around, one of them in peril as his air runs out. They are saved, then go off to save the women. They arrive at the surface and John is pleased to see everybody again. Yay!

“Huzzah”. “We’re alive!”. “Welcome back, it’s nice to see you again!”. “I’m so happy!”. “I never gave up on you!”.

Avoid. But watch something with John Carradine, or any Carradine for that matter.

Date watched: July 4th and 5th (I couldn’t watch any more than 30 minutes at a time)
Score: 2/10 (shaggy beard was a little funny)
Film count 2016: 112

At no point did an octopus attack anyone, although an educational clip at the beginning of the film showed the life and death struggle between an octopus and a shark. The shark won.


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