Captain America: Civil War

I saw this on the big screen, which was worth it as all sorts goes on in the action scenes, the talking bits between the action scenes are a bit dull, I was finding myself thinking ‘it’s about time for the next action set-piece’, so maybe less talky-talky and more CGI mayhem might have been better.

This also didn’t really feel like a Captain America film, as Iron Man, Scarlett (I forget who she plays), the guy with wings, the other guy with arrows, one of the Olsen twins, Ant-Man, even Spider Man and the guy who is synthetic plus Iron Man’s buddy Don are in this.

The story follows on from The Winter Soldier which I remember not much of, but Captains friend Bucky is in this quite a bit. The United Nations gets involved, they are pissed the Avengers kill loads of innocent bystanders when they battle the bad guys so want more control of them, fair enough. But the Captain is not cool with this sensible plan so it’s civil war! Cue superheroes fighting superheroes. But at least they are taking some United Nations advice in hand and evacuating areas (an airport in this case) to battle each other while destroying property (aeroplanes etc) worth billions. I guess Tony will foot the bill.

After watching Deadpool this just doesn’t quite cut it in entertainment value. It’s by the numbers stuff really.

Date watched: 31st May
Score: 7/10
Movie count: 24

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