The Snow Creature

This is a 1954 horror/science fiction film about a botanist who goes to the Himalayas to study the pretty flowers, but ends up catching a Yeti and bringing it back to the U.S.

Upon arriving in Tibet he hires Sherpas to help cart all of his equipment into the mountains, and funnily enough, the Sherpas in this film all spoke Japanese.

I found this hard going despite being only 70 minutes long, it was just a tad boring. They used the same shot several times over of the creature moving towards the camera from the darkness behind, freeze the frame as if he is stopping in his tracks, then put it into reverse so that he disappears into the shadows again. And the creature was just a really tall guy, probably dressed in overalls that had large patches of fur glued on, and he was wearing one of those winter hats that has the flappy ear covers. He was always in the dark so we never saw him clearly, or see his face.


Here is a photo I found on the internet, probably a promo shot…


This really should have been called “The Yeti Goes to America”, and he should have ripped peoples heads off and stuff, would have made it a bit more interesting.

Date watched: July 2nd
Score: 2/10
Film count 2016: 110


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