18 Bronzemen

The third film of my B-Gradefest was this 1976 Kung-fu flick.

It has everything a Kung-fu film needs: a weak but determined hero who by the end of the film is a master kung-fu guy, the sassy and skilled kung-fu girl who is destined to marry the hero, kung-fu fighters leaping and flying about several metres above the ground, and the end boss who is nasty work but has a deadly weakness. And it is all dubbed into English.

It was easy to tell that they had all of the voice actors in a room together, probably standing around the same microphone, several foleys in the background with all of their sound effect gadgets, a traditional Chinese music troupe, and a crowd of people in the background mumbling things.

The story was quite simple: go on a quest to get revenge against the end boss who killed the hero’s parents. It did though get complicated at the end when after killing the end boss they explained who was who’s father and why they were a part of the story.

So it was pretty much your average kung-fu fare, not really worth watching unless you are nuts about these kinds of films.

Date watched: July 1st
Score: 5/10
Film count 2016: 109


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