Death Line

This was called Raw Meat in the U.S., but the original British name is Death Line, and is a 1972 horror film with Donald Pleasence.

For the most part it moves along slowly, but it picks up at the end. Donald Pleasence played a tea-drinking, sarcastic and witty police detective, investigating a missing cabinet minister, and he was entertaining in every shot. The rest of the cast were fine, no bad acting here.

Basically it was about a group of cannibal people who had been living in an abandoned subway tunnel, their ancestors had been left down there to die when construction stopped in the late 1800’s. They had managed to survive by snatching people from the subway and taking them back to their tunnel and eating them.

Some scenes were quite gruesome for early seventies I think. When we were introduced to the cannibal’s liar there was a slow panning shot of the room where they kept the bodies, and it was quite horrific even by today’s standards.

Christopher Lee had a short but great role as an MI5 agent guy in a bowler hat…


Worth a watch, even if just for Donald and Christopher.

Date watched: June 26th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 108


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