Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

Well, this film takes a bit of explaining, mostly because of how it was made.

To start with, this was made in Russia in 1962 (which explains the red star on the side of the American rocket ships), and was called Planeta Bur. Roger Corman dubbed it into English and called it Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet. Roger Corman then contacted Peter Bogdanovich and asked him to help out. From Wikipedia:

Bogdanovich: It was a Russian science-fiction film that Roger [Corman] had called Storm Clouds Of Venus that he had dubbed into English. And he came to me and said, “Would you shoot some footage with some women? AIP won’t buy it unless we stick some women in it.” So I figured out a way to work some women in it and shot for five days, and we cut it in. I narrated it, because nobody could make heads or tails of it. Roger wouldn’t let me add any sound. It was just a little cheap thing we did, and people think I directed it when I really only directed 10 minutes of it.

Being Russian, the rocket, space station, hover car, robot, and spacesuit designs were all pretty cool, very Soviet looking. The Venusian landscape was also pretty good, they certainly spent some time on it all. You could also kind of tell that the actors were Russian by the way they looked and acted.

The hover car. Watch the video below to see how they made it hover.

The direction, acting, and dubbed voices though were all awkward and some scenes just consisted of the actors just staring off somewhere or doing nothing at all. The story had some good ideas, and the addition of the blonde Venusian women who had telepathic powers, and were able to summon lava eruptions and floods added to the film I think, it was just a pity they couldn’t actually meet the astronauts and kick their butts (the astronauts killed their flying-lizard God you see).

The Venusian women liked to sleep on the rocks by the sea, awfully uncomfortable looking, but that’s how they do things on Venus.

Groovy spacesuits.

The robot, John was his name. He ended up becoming the Venusian women’s new God.

Worth a watch for science fiction fans, and those that like bikinis made from clam shells.

Date watched: June 25th (on a lazy Saturday afternoon)
Fantastical trashy sci-fi score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 106

This is interesting…

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