Carnival of Souls

While reading the comments under a previous film I watched on YouTube I read a comment mentioning that Carnival of Souls was worth watching, so last night I did just that.

I watched the colourised version which didn’t look too bad, but I found the original B&W version later and wished I had watched that, it looked better. Ah well.

The story involves a woman who got into a car accident and the aftermath. Itis a horror story, but don’t expect blood, guts, or possessing demons. It was made for $33,000 back in the day, and has since become a cult film, and influenced David Lynch and George A. Romero apparently.

For $33,000 they did a pretty good job really. I was reading on Wikipedia that they could not afford the rear projection screen for the driving shots, so they used a small camera and did the shots in an actual moving car… cheap is sometimes best. And from Wikipedia:

The scene at the start of the film where the car goes off the bridge and into the river was filmed in Lecompton, Kansas. The town did not charge a fee for the use of the bridge, only requiring the film crew to replace the bridge’s damaged rails once they were done filming. This was done, at a cost of $38 for the new rails.

That of course today would be all CG and probably cost one hundred thousand times more, plus there would be blatant product placement in the shot somewhere.

The actress playing the main character was very good, she kept up the tension well, and the sleazy guy living in the apartment opposite hers was very convincing, I was cringing at his moves on her.

As the film went on it became more and more like an experimental film, and I started to enjoy it more. It got pretty wiggy as the main character started realising what was happening to her.

The director played the main ghoul…


Worth a watch.

Date watched: June 24th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 105


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