Cat-Women of the Moon

Well, my science fiction watching continues with this 1953 film which came out in 3D at the time.

This is very 1950’s low budget sci-fi stuff with some pretty cardboard acting from some of the cast, silly dialogue, and messy story.

The Cat-Women were a race of young ladies all dressed in black tights trying to get to Earth and take it over, enslaving all men using their special hypnosis powers, and their ability to become invisible. The moon was running out of air in the tunnels they lived in, so they needed to hijack a spaceship that had landed on the moon.


The spacesuits in this were great and there were two kinds for some reason. The goldfish bowl helmet was the best of the two…


As mentioned in a previous post, people were shooting pistols from the hip in the 1950’s, but it seems there is a second technique. In this film one chap held the gun up at head level, twisted the gun back and quickly pointed it forward as he shot, I presume to help the bullet come out a bit quicker. You can see that here, along with the rather abrupt ending of the film.

I laughed when after gunning down and killing the remaining Cat Women the shooter says “Doug! The Cat Women are dead! Tell them it’s all right!”… no need to show any action here, the dialogue says it all and neatly finishes off the story.

This is not essential viewing, but I have no regrets.

Date watched: June 23rd
Score: 6/10
Film count 2016: 104


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