Music update

I wrote a while ago that I decided to listen to all of the music I have not listened to yet on my computer, at the time that was 5000 or so songs. Well, now I am down to 4000 or so and still going strong.

I also said I would not buy any new music until I have finished listening to all of those songs, but I crumbled and bought four CDs. I therefore decided that I will allow myself four CDs a month, and so far I have kept to that.

A few weeks back I found a Clash Tribute CD which is not bad, but of course The Clash do it better.

At Book Off I found a Nirvana best of CD pretty cheap which is good of course, but there is nothing new on it. I also bought a The Beatles compilation of their earlier stuff on some obscure label, as well as the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.

So that is my quota for the month complete. Next month I am hoping to use my quota on vinyl instead of CDs. There was a recycle shop near here where I bought all of my vinyl collection from so far, but they closed recently so I have to find another place to get some LPs, not an easy thing to do around here.

Album count 2016: 93

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