The Imitation Game

Thankfully Keira ‘Ducklips’ Knightley does not ruin this true (not really) story about the English brainiacs who broke Hitler’s code machine. It was quite an enjoyable watch, Eggs Benedict Cumberbun plays Alan Turing (the brainiac who cracks the code with his machine) as an autistic type (dialling in an Oscar nomination), and the rest of the acting and recreating of war times in England was very well done. I just had to and Google it, which instantly lost if a few points as a lot of was made-up, mainly the fact Turing was not the sole code cracker but it was a whole bunch of people who cracked the code. The film-makers even re-named the code cracking machine from ‘Victory’ to ‘Christopher’!

Date watched: 21st May
Score: 6/10
Movie count: 21

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