Devil Girl from Mars

Another film I chose to watch purely because of the title, it sounded like a true 1950’s trashy American science fiction flick.

It turned out though to not be quite so trashy, and was in fact British. It was also entirely filmed on a set, and was originally a stage show.

The acting was above average for this kind of film, and included John Laurie from Dad’s Army. The special effects too were much better than any of the sci-fi I have seen so far, as well as the model of the spaceship which looked to be full scale on the ground.

The story was basically about a spaceship that got a bit lost on the way to London to take over the world, and ended up in the countryside in Scotland! The pilot was a very tough, no-nonsense Martian and she was accompanied by her personal kill-bot. Their ship was also damaged in bad weather and landed near a pub, and while the ship repaired itself (it was made of an organic material) the Martian woman went about terrorising the locals.

The Martian, or “Devil Girl” in this film was actually a woman all dressed up in black PVC and looked something like a cross between Darth Vader and Jane Fonda in Barbarella. She had a nifty ray gun to vapourise men she deemed pathetic (the first victim was a chap with a gammy leg), and the badly designed robot could vapourise bigger things like trees, cars, and houses when needed.

Reviews for this on the interwebs are mixed, most saying it is badly made and a tad boring, but I thought it was not too bad, not great, a tad predictable, but not a disappointment. But, I am not too hard to entertain.

I will end my trashy sci-fi film run for now and move on to art house stuff.

Date watched: June 20th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2016: 102

Both the Devil Girl and the robot have been modified a bit in this poster…



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