The Giant Claw

Every time I did a search for 50’s science fiction films on YouTube I always saw this film pop up in the results, but passed it over as the creature looked terrible. But, I decided to give it a go, and indeed the creature is terrible. Spoiler alerts galore follow.

The rest of the film was not too bad for a B grade film. Some of the acting was decent, and some very amateurish and funny, especially the science boffin when explaining his theory about the creature and it’s anti-matter force-field.

The star though was the terrifying creature, which several times throughout the film was spoken of as “the size of a battleship!”. It could evade radar because of it’s antimatter force-field, could fly much faster than any aircraft, and liked eating pilots as they parachuted to the ground. The creature model is one of the funniest you will ever see, quite comical with it’s long rubbery neck, tuft of hair on it’s head, and mean-looking buggy eyes. For many scenes the creature was shown as a badly out-of-focus blob when flying around.


And here is a photo of the creatures face as it photobombs an observation balloon…


The special effects were quite funny too, very cheap, although to their credit you could not see the string used to control the creature or airplanes.

This film didn’t get good reviews when it came out, even for 1957 the special effects were laughable, and the creature just too silly. I found it entertaining though for it’s amateur acting (the science boffin especially), along with the cheapo SFX and the absurd looking creature. I also liked the way it ended. They finally figured out how to destroy the creature’s antimatter force-field and killed it, it then fell into the ocean, quite dead, then the general in charge of the whole operation said “WE GOT IT!” to the hero and heroine of the story who hugged each other with big smiles, instantly followed by THE END… no ambiguous ending here!

Godzilla fans will scoff at this, but I thought it was most entertaining.

Date watched: June 16th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 99


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