The Trollenberg Terror

Another British science fiction/horror film here, made in 1958, and also a TV series in 1956 on ITV. Also known as The Crawling Eye in the U.S.

Pretty standard stuff really, although the alien monster was an interesting idea. We did not see the alien until quite some way into the film, up until that point it was an unknown beastie that terrorised mountain climbers in Switzerland, turning them into assassin zombies, or just plain ripping their heads off.


It also could not survive in warmer climes, so it hung out on high mountains, and had a permanent radioactive cloud following it everywhere which kept it cool.

The special effects in this were primitive, and it would not surprise me if they were done by AP Films (Gerry Anderson) which of course made Thunderbirds, which in turn was released on ITV. For a TV series that is fine, but even in 1958 I am sure they could have done better for a motion picture.

The acting was fine. And like The Earth Dies Screaming the main role was portrayed by an American actor because Americans are the best heroes it seems.

Average viewing.

Date watched: June 12th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2016: 98


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