Invaders from Mars

The main reason I chose this 1953 film was because of the excellent title.

Even though this was a low budget independent film, it was well made and had some great sets. From Wikipedia:

Some of Menzies’ set designs (notably those in the police station, the observatory, and the interiors of the Martian flying saucer) consist of elongated structures with stark, unadorned walls, sometimes much taller than necessary, adding touches of dreamlike surrealism.

The story was simple but moved along nicely and had some good 1950’s-style sci-fi acting, and men in green Martian suits walking slowly yet ominously. The Technicolor was turned up to 11 in this, very bright and vivid.

War of the Worlds came out the same year, so I will have to watch that and see how they compare.

Date watched: June 9th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 96

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