It Conquered the World

This is the first of my 1950’s sc-fi film fest.

And it was quite a good start, as this was a Roger Corman filn starring Peter Graves and Lee van Cleef.

The story was simple, basically about a Venusian that Lee van Cleef had been communicating with via radio transmissions, he was a brilliant scientist you see. Peter Graves, a fellow brilliant scientist was the hero of the story and helped to end the creatures attempt at taking over Earth. Lee van Cleef’s wife had a major role as the voice of reason in trying to get Lee to stop helping the Venusian take over the world, he was convinced the creature could make Earth a better place.

Being a Roger Corman film this was low budget stuff, but it was reasonably entertaining. The most entertaining part was the creature…


… hehehe!

This won’t be to everyone’s taste as it is pretty trashy stuff really, but I found it to be a good way to spend 71 minutes.

Date watched: June 8th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2016: 95

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