Jive Turkey

I am still stuck in the past as far as my film watching goes with this 1974 blaxploitation film. The other title for this film is Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes, and neither name makes any sense, although as it would turn out a lot of things didn’t make sense in this film.

Some of the acting  was quite good, especially the main character who was the leader of a numbers game racket. A few of the other characters were interesting, especially Serene, the psycho transvestite hit-vestite. She killed people with glee, laughing away while she did it.


The story though was confusing at times as many things were not explained well, or not explained at all, and the direction and editing did not help. It was also a bad film to digital copy with chopped shots here and there.

It had some groovy music though, a Barry White clone would break out in a song, sometimes at inappropriate times, but it was a highlight.

This was supposed to be set in 1956 as the opening credits said this was a true story, with the names, places, and events changed to protect the innocent… ha! But apart from a few 1950’s cars here and there, this very much looked 1970’s.

A lot of tomato sauce was used in the killing scenes.

Overall this is not a watch for discerning film goers. However if you like trashy films that are trying their best, then this is worth a watch.

Date watched: June 4th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2016: 92

Here is the title song…

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