The Panther’s Claw

Yet another low budget 1940’s crime film that was reasonably entertaining.

The main character was played by a chap named Byron Foulger who was a busy actor mostly in the 40’s, and played “timid, whining, weak-willed, shifty, sanctimonious or sycophantic” (as described by Wikipedia) characters. Also from Wikipedia: “In real life, Foulger was not as much of a pushover as the characters he played. In one memorable incident at a party he threatened to punch Errol Flynn for flirting with his wife…“.

The story was a whodunit murder mystery, and there was lots of plot in the 70 minute run time. The acting and direction were adequate, but some of the humour was a bit corny or flat.

The title actually refers to the main character’s cat, there were no actual panthers in this, unfortunately.

Date watched: June 2nd
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 91

This is the trailer, apparently…

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