Weekly vinyls (from a few weeks ago)

I have a bit of catching up to do on the old music so I’ll get back into it with these two vinyls I picked up a while ago, but first, two CDs I picked up even longer ago:

King Oliver: Snag It – Oldie timey jazzy.
REM: Reveal – This is pretty good, I have not given it a proper listen until now and must say I’m enjoying it. Bounces along nicely.

That’s the CDs out of the way…

Talking Heads: The Name of This Band is Talking Heads –  I have been eyeing up this at the vinyl shop for a while, probably one of my least favourite Talking Heads releases (never really been into live albums) but I ended up getting it because the price dropped from $30 to $12 and the cover artwork is excellent, and after it getting it home and taking it for a spin it really is a cracking good listen.

Jacksons: Victory – This I got purely on the cover artwork of the Jacksons, it’s an illustration of the bros in a futuristic landscape, Michael had just released Thriller so he had the bright white socks and one glove thing going on. All the other bros look like a Village People tribute act. The cover is an illustration as they couldn’t stand each other enough to have a group photograph. The music within is totally forgettable. Above is the original artwork featuring a dove on the shoulder of the brother who is not Michael which was airbrushed out of later releases. No idea why.

Album Count 2016: 79

Glory days:

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