Behind Green Lights

I like 1940’s mystery films as they pack a lot of story into just over an hour, not this long drawn out business we get today.

The story centred around a woman who was accused of the murder of a man who was blackmailing her, and mostly took part in a police station. A detective had reason to believe she did it, but he also had his doubts. Also in the station was a press room where several reporters for various newspapers hung out and waited for a juicy story to come along and immediately telephone their editors.

The story moved along well, and apart from a chase scene inside the police station, there was not much action, just a lot of sleuthing. Unfortunately, there were some attempts at comedy which did not suit the film, and were not funny. The acting was fine though.

This is not an essential watch, but I thought it was decent enough.

Date watched: May 29th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 90

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