Looking through my “Watch later” list on YouTube I found that I had mostly blaxploitation and spaghetti westerns lined up, so I thought I would search for something different.

And I came across this 1952 British film starring Dirk Bogarde. It is a fugitive film, and also classified as a “buddy film” on various websites. Basically, it follows a murderer (his wife was having a fling with a businessman, and in a fit of rage he kills him, probably by accident), and a boy that he comes across while on the run. The boy also is on the run, his mother had been beating him.

The film starts off in London where we can see bombed-out buildings from the war, and makes it’s way north. There is no real story, it just follows the duo as they evade the fuzz, and try to survive in the countryside, although we do learn some backstory on the way.

The acting was good overall, especially the little boy. The actor was only seven at the time, but he was able to put some emotion into his part. His film career was short and ended in 1957. He is now a respected art historian at a museum in Oxford. Dirk really threw him around a bit in some scenes, the poor boy looked like a ragdoll at times, but he seemed to handle it well. Here he is then and now…


Dirk Bogarde had quite the career in films, and was also a writer later on in his life.

I must seek out more British films.

Date watched: May 21st
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2016: 84


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