Black Cobra

A while ago I was watching Joshua which had Fred Williamson, so I thought I would try another Freddo film.

This one was bad, just plain bad. The acting, directing, editing, all of it, was bargain basement film-making.

Some of the acting was quite baffling, and so, entertaining. Here is my fave part which was right at the end. Freddo is saying his goodbyes after a successful mission to kill all bad guys, violently, with plans to travel far away and relax. He goes to get in the car, pauses as if he has something to say or do, turns around and looks at the photographer lady and I was expecting him to say something like “Hey babe, how about we go on a trip together and get our thang on! Dig it?!”. But, he just puts on a weird face, them smiles for the camera. Great stuff!

But, the rest is crap. There is a sequel called Black Cobra 2, so I will check that out.

This is actually an Italian Blaxploitation film, and the plot is identical to the crap Stallone film Cobra. Ha!

Date watched: May 17th to 19th (took me three sessions)
Score: 2/10 (for the bizarro acting)
Film count 2016: 81

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