I have been wanting to watch this for a while, and recently found it at an op-shop for a $1. And entertaining it was too, it was not quite what I was expecting but enjoyable enough, Matthew McConaughey plays the love interest for Jodie, and adds nothing to the story in the process, he was quite bad actually, not like the champ he is now. The film has quite pronounced religious overtones. Fun facts:

  • George Miller was going to direct (he later sued)
  • George wanted the Pope to be a main character
  • Based on a Carl Sagan novel, unfortunately Carl died before it came out
  • Carl’s wife makes a cameo on a TV screen (sharing it with Rob Lowe!)
  • The opening sequence was the longest amount of CGI up until 2004 (The Day After Tomorrow)
  • Part of the alien sound effect is from the TARDIS as it powers up in Doctor Who

The special features on the DVD are some of the worst, just static screens of cast bios and other notes. Forgot how special features back in the 90s were pants.

Date watched: 30th April
Score: 7.5/10
Movie count: 19

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