One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana!

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought I might watch one last spaghetti western. In doing so I finished off my run at eight of them.

This one though was the weakest of the bunch, even though it was made by the same guys that made Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows. It also had the same lead actor, and used the same town.

The editing was too fast, some scenes seemed to be cut off before their logical conclusion, and some seemed to be joining the next scene half way through. The music was not great, and while the story had a good basic premise, plodded along too slowly.

The foley guy didn’t do a very good job on this either. Some sound effects sounded like they were recorded through a loo paper tube, others had an echo sound to them, and the fist fights scenes were comical with over-done punch sounds.

There are plenty more spaghetti westerns to watch, so I will watch them from time to time, but no more spaghetti western-athons.

Reading up about the name “Django” on the internet, I found that the name was chosen for the original character in the film of the same name by the director Sergio Corbucci. From the Spaghetti Western Database website:

Although he is a character in the tradition of Sanjuro and No Name – characters without a proper name – he got a name: he was called Django after the legendary jazz guitar player Django Reinhardt. In the Romani language – Reinhardt was a gypsy – Django means ‘I awake’, but there’s no evidence that this meaning was of any influence. It’s more likely that Corbucci was fascinated by the ‘symbolism of hands’: An earlier movie, Minnesota Clay, had featured a gunslinger who went blind, and now Corbucci wanted to make a movie about a gunslinger who couldn’t use his hands. It seems logical that a handicapped gunman would be called after a handicapped musician. When he was 18 years old, Reinhardt was injured in a fire; his right leg was paralyzed and the third and fourth finger of his left hand suffered third degree burns. It was thought that he would never play the guitar again, but he learned how to play all guitar solos with only two fingers.

Date watched: May 14th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2016: 80

Just watch the trailer and consider it watched. Strange trailer too, just a whole bunch of fist fights and shootin’.

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