13 days of new music

I have a plan. Instead of waiting until the end of the month before I can spend up on new music,  I have decided on another and more daring plan.

There is a lot of music on my HDD that has not been listened to. There are 5014 songs, adding up  13 days, 14 hours, and twenty-two minutes in total. So I have queued all of that up, and when it is all listened to I will allow myself to buy more goodness.

This way I can totally justify buying more music, because I have listened to everything. Brill! This is going to take a lot longer than until the end of the month though, in fact it may take several months.

Maybe this is not such a good plan after all.

But, I am determined, and we all need daring and ambitious challenges in our lives.

This is the first track that is queued up…

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