Bit of a break

My music buying has of late been quite productive, but as of today I have decided to lay off for the rest of the month. I will continue to find new music on Free Music Archive and other sources, but I will not longer be spending my hard-earned yen on music until June. Need to save money don’t you know!

But, here is what I have bought since my last post.

I heard from a reliable source that the Cream song “I’m So Glad” is in fact a cover originally by a chap named Skip James. So, I found an ex-rental CD album with that song on it on Amazon for a not so bad price. It was recorded all the way back in 1931, so it good old timey stuff.

Last weekend the family all went on a one night holiday to a hot spring town which was good. On the second day we went to Costco, but whilst driving there we decided we had to drop into the first Book Off we could find (they are all over Japan). And we hit Book Off jackpot in the form of “Book Off Super Bazaar” which is a mega version of the standard Book Off. It was huge! James, Hana, and I were in paradise! I headed straight for the CD section which was not as big as I hoped but was decent enough. They actually had VHS films for sale there… do some people still use that crappy technology?

This is what I got…

The Best of Jane Birkin – We listened to this in the car on the way to Costco. It is not as good as I’d hoped, too much trying to sound sultry.
Tricky, Angels With Dirty Faces – It is Tricky, so there you go.
P.O.D., Satellite – This is a band I like lots, metal head stuff.
Ian Brown, Unfinished Monkey Business – Ian Brown good.

And the last musical purchase for the time being is Vir Nocturna which I chanced apon on Free Music Archive, leading to Bandcamp where the whole discography was available for US$1.24 (I paid $4 for it though). Good stuff, if you like electronica, which I do. It is however only one EP and eleven singles, but worth it.

Not buying music is going to be tough for the next few weeks, it has become a hard to break habit that needs to be satiated almost every week. I’ll probably weaken very soon.

Album count 2016: 89

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